About Pastor Mark

Mark Pothier grew up San Diego, California before moving to Fayetteville, Georgia in February 2012, when he married his best friend and co-pastor, Kimberly. He is the Senior Pastor of Church of the Harvest Fayetteville.

Pastor Mark has a dynamic testimony of redemption, restoration, and healing from a tragic experience of accidentally taking the life of his closest childhood friend as a teenager. Through his devastating brokenness, he found God and left his Catholic roots to engage in a personal life changing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. His ‘Damascus Road’ experience provoked his hunger and desire for more of God.  He studied at Word of Faith Bible College.

Pastor Mark is a lover of people, mentor, teacher and spiritual father, and a soul winner. His philosophy is “I know what it’s like to be broken, and I know what it’s like to be fixed… and fixed is BETTER!” We are a church without walls taking the gospel to the streets to reach everyone we encounter with His LIFE CHANGING POWER!

Our co-mission is Loving People Back to Life.

Want to know Pastor Mark deeper?

  • He is madly in love with his wife Kimberly
  • Father of four sons
  • Rides a Harley
  • Loves the Boston Red Sox
  • Listens to Worship Music & Smooth Jazz
  • Loves fresh seafood, Italian gelato, sushi, tropical islands near the Equator, scuba diving
  • He thinks Kimberly is the prettiest girl he’s ever seen

Email: [email protected]